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Natural Insulation

Because Repamine cares about the environment and is interested in new products, we decided to add to our products the Isohemp's insulation products.

The IsoHemp block is suitable for New construction with all frame types, External insulation, Internal insulation and interior masonry.

blocs de bétons chanvre chaux

Enjoy an unequalled comfort by using IsoHemp blocks

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100% natural, healthy and effective insulation

isolation du froidrégulation humidité 

isolation du chaudisolation acoustique

Why choosing IsoHemp blocks?


IsoHemp blocks have the ability to distribute accumulated heat progressively. They help to keep a constant temperature inside the house.

Breathable & anti-humidity:

They regulate the air humidity continuously through a breathable and water vapour permeable wall.

Comfort with sound insulation:

The IsoHemp block reduces noise and maintains a healthy living environment.

100% Belgian manufactured product:

The hemp is grown in Wallonia and lime comes from Carmeuse careers. The IsoHemp blocks are produced in the Namur area.

Hemp blocks

 fiche technique blocs

ProKalk concrete

liant fiche technique

Plaster P.C.S.

fiche technique plafonnage

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You can see the products in Mouscron's shop

Some of our realisations

maison unifamiliale chanvre habitation unifamiliale chanvre maison unifamiliale chanvre rénovation maison béton de chanvre chaux

rénovation maison béton chanvre chaux isolation du sol chanvre isolation sol béton chanvre chaux isolation sol béton chanvre chaux 

isolation façade béton chanvre chaux rénovation maison en béton chanvre chaux étapes de la pose d'un bloc de béton chanvre chaux

rénovation d'une maison à Liège et isolation en béton de chanvre-chaux rénovation d'une maison et isolation en béton chanvre chaux isolation en béton chanvre-chaux

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