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Warranty conditions

The complaints related to the quality of conformity of the delivered goods, will not be taken into consideration in case there haven’t been notified by recorded postal sending within eight days following on the date of delivery of the goods.

The complains for a hidden faults need to be remitted to us by recorded postal sending in the month of ascertainment of the reported fault and this within a term of at least six months following on th date of delivery of the goods.

The complaints need to be clarified and inviting us to come ascertain the faults.

The return of goods can only take place after approval of the seller.

In case the complaint is found legimate and takes place within the above mentioned term, de warranty of our fabricants-suppliers will apply during six months following on the date of delivery of the goods, unless explicit otherwise stated, and includes, if the delivered goods containt faults, we commit ourselves to replace all licensed parts, after inspection, free of charge.

In every case our responsibility is limited to the invoiced value of the delivered goods and can be in no case be a reason for paying indemnities and interersts.

Labour hours, displacement, are included. Subsequent to international habits and uses, de warranty is inapplicable for electrical parts. This warranty is not applicable on normal wear of parts or defect or aging as consequence of wrong or incompetent use, driving or maintenance. The warranty expires in case of one of these things, or in case the delivered material has been repared of modified by persons other than those connected with our firm by a service contract.

In case of a warranty claim, no payment of goods or delivered prestations may be due whatsoever.

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